Why Ranger and Evinrude?

I am a Ranger Boats and Evinrude pro staffer. Why? Because my experience as a fisherman and boating enthusiast has taught me that you don’t want to go out on the water with anything but the best boat powered by the best motor.

Contact me if you have any questions about Ranger Boats and Evinrude outboards.I can answer any questions you have and can also get you catalogs and other literature. Ranger Boats If you are a sports fisherman, no doubt you already know what great boats Ranger builds. They have been the best bass boats on the water for over forty years. Many people are not aware that Ranger also builds walleye boats, saltwater boats, and even has a line of fish-n-ski boats.

Ranger Boats

I bought my first Ranger back in 2003. I was amazed that the boat was so superior to any other boat I had owned. I knew beforehand that Ranger Boats were the best, but I don’t think I really understood what that meant until I had one of my own. Every other boat that I’d owned, looked at, or considered buying paled in comparison.

I am honored beyond belief to be in any way associated with this great company. I was fortunate enough to visit the Ranger Boats factory and witnessed the skill and dedication that goes into the production of each boat. I was even fortunate enough to get to meet Forrest Wood.


That's me with the legend himself... Forrest Wood

Ranger Boats is headquartered in Flippin, Arkansas. Founded in 1968 by Forrest L. Wood, Ranger Boats continues its commitment to building the highest quality, strongest performing boats on the water. You will not be disappointed. I am available to take you for a ride in my boat so you can witness firsthand the quality of Ranger Boats.

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Did you know that Ole Evinrude invented the outboard boat motor? In 1909, he built and tested his first outboard motor. Since that time, the motors that carry his name have continued to be the best in the business. Countless innovations over the years have kept Evinrude in a leadership position in the competitive outboard industry.

About E-TEC

The Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O. is a heavy-duty work horse that the team at BRP has designed to be more robust than the standard 250. They have electronically mapped this engine for maximum performance and durability under tougher conditions, such as those you would experience in a bass or other fishing tournament.

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I am amazed at the quality of Evinrude, the performance of their products, and their innovative designs. Their latest innovation is the E-TEC series. These new motors are unlike any other. Combining the two-stroke design with innovative technology, like space-age alloys and high performance fuel injection, they have re-invented the boat motor. With E-TEC you get the same high performance as a four-stroke engine out of a two-stroke engine, with lower emissions and without the need to mix oil and gas. They are the cleanest motors on the water. Unlike a four-stroke motor, nothing is sacrificed.

The E-TEC series of outboards are two stroke engines with four stroke technology. They have a three star environmental rating that is equal to the four stroke engines. They burn less oil, use less fuel, and are very quiet. An E-TEC series outboard delivers all the torque and top end speed you will ever need. Another exclusive feature, there is no scheduled maintance for the first three years or 300 hours. No other outboard company offers a maintance schedule equal to the E-TEC. There are never any oil changes  and you can even winterize an E-TEC outboard yourself. There is a long list of features and benefits with the E-TEC series of motors.

You can learn more at the Evinrude Web site or feel free to contact me for a test ride or with your questions. 

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